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Hello my friends. Whatís up? I felt like doing something for you guys and figured a Fall/Thanksgiving kind oí set would be appropriate. One thing different about this set is that I didnít create any buttons. My thoughts were that so many people are using CSS for mouseover text links that it might just be unnecessary, know what I mean?
Iím also feeling pretty darn sleepy right now, my eyes are slowly crossing and trying to close on me! Gotta watch So You Think You Can Dance, canít fall asleep dude!
So I think Iíll make this short & sweet tonite, k?

The font that I used in the header is called Balaghat, which you can get from MyFonts. Of course you can always hunt down a similar typeface at one of the kazillion freebie sites - which reminds me, I think Iíll upload that font site I had, TypeStory. Remember that? Iíll do it after Iím done here & let you know, alrighty?
As usual, this set uses CSS for the backgrounds and you can download the goodies all zipped up for you.
Anything else? Not that I can think of...
Okee doke kiddies, have a great Turkey Day if you partake, and Iíll cíyall next time. Yours in Thanks!
xoxo, ~Kitty

Klukeart Wallpapers & icons/pngs

*Download the set here*

On a totally different subject, I wanted to share a link with you. See those thumbnail images over there?
Theyíre some of the coolest icons and wallpapers Iíve ever seen. Grab a few of your own, compliments of Klukeart!

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