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Hi guys. Wow, two sets in a row? I just wanted to play with something else before the work week starts again, and here it is. A little random. Basically a handful of images that match the background. As you can see I created a few buttons too.

For this set I wanted to use a couple of my fav fonts. No freebies tonite. The title font is Blockhead from Emigre over at MyFonts. Then the font used on the buttons is called Oyster, from PintassilgoPrints. There’s actually a couple of versions you can play with as well as some extra characters/dingbats.

If you can’t buy another(!) font this week, I think Pupcat from Larabie, is kinda close to Oyster. You could always try that - and there’s a freebie version available also.

Goodness, I’m so sleepy that I don’t think I’m going to get this up anymore tonite. Oh well, as long as you’re not waiting for me, I can finish it later, right? nitey-nite.

Download the set

xoxo, Kitty
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