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As I’m redoing the site and weeding out the old stuff, I gotta tell ya, it’s overwhelming me. Many of the links to places that I’ve listed here (3 pages worth) are now out dated. There are soooo many incredible websites now that all have great info and articles and links to more of the same. Truthfully? I can’t keep up... and why should I really, when there are others out there that are doing a much better job than I?

I’m sure there are many that you’re familiar with but maybe there’s a few that you’ve missed.

Ok, ready? H-e-r-e we go (in no particular order).

Check out the good type reference on their site
www.copyblogger.com – everything you’ve ever wanted to know about copywriting, blogging and so much more

There are a couple of links I’m keeping, simply because I use them ALL of the time.

FONTS - Can't find the fonts that I've used in my sets? 99% chance I got it from one of  these  links. *hint* I don't always remember where I've gotten all of my fonts, if there is no "readme" or copyright attached. So, if you're looking for a particular font, do a search on Google, type in the font name, (ie; "cool+font") and 98% of the time they'll will come up with it!

Custom Search

STC Font Browser - EXcellent online utility to view all of the fonts in your font folder. I've used this to double check fonts that I own before buying new ones! *FAV tool*  It’s created in Flash© so you won’t be able to view it on your tablet of smart phone.

MyFonts - The #1 place that I purchase my fonts from. Tons of foundries here. And I have to tell you, for as large of a company that they are, they are exTREMely quick to answer your questions - always! They rockola!

The Font Marketplace has fonts that are targeted specifically for different uses such as scrapbooking, weddings & photo albums.

Random links that I decided to keep for you:

I just deleted most of my color tools/sites. There are so many, with new ones popping up all of the time. I’ve linked to a few solid links that have been around for awhile and are good sites to visit with color palettes and ideas. One of my favs is Design Seeds. She always has super color palettes from photos. Another site along those lines is Colrd. Again, an assortment of color combos from photos. Then there’s always Adobe’s Color and Colour Lovers.

Even though I don’t have a board myself, Pinterest is probably the mac daddy of examples for any subject you can imagine. Browsing the color palette boards will definitely give you some great ideas!

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Pixel Girl - Mucho desktop wallpaper & icons

FavIcon - You know that little picture up in your browser’s address bar? Next to the website URL? You can put one on your site too. This site lets you make one really easy. Description on the site.


CommArts - This 'Zine has mucho cool linkage and info.... great 'inspirational' design links and resources.

HOW Magazine - This is one of my fav magazines - one of the few that I actually subscribe to and read - from cover to cover!

Speaking of shopping, just in case you don’t know about it (you don’t??) you must visit Etsy. Lots n’ lots n’ lots of cool DIY stuff - w-a-y too many things to list. Just take a look, k?




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