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FullMoon Graphics has been around since 1995. It was hosted on a free site for awhile until I registered the domain name in 1998. In those days, making “free graphics” was the cool thing to do. In addition, we used to embed a “no-right click” script so that visitors couldn’t *steal* the graphics and instructed them to “save to your own computer” blahblah. Sounds funny now.

In fact, there may be a few sets that still have the script on the page. Sorry about that... couldn’t catch them all. FullMoon Graphics crashed about 5 yrs ago, so you may run into a few missing pages. Putting the site back together was overwhelming and I missed some of them.

There’s been a ton of web sets, many I’ve deleted simply because they were old (and funny lookin!). A few of them I’ve saved for posterity. I used to create a new set weekly–Sunday nite–and it was usually anticipated by my regular visitors (you guys know who you are).  ;)

Running my own business now, I just don’t have the time like I used to. But I guarantee FMG will always be here, if only for a trip through memory lane. Enjoy!

The graphics are listed from newest to oldest (decending). groovy.

New Year's Resolutions All for Luv Baby I was Born this Way! Happy All Hallow's Eve Wallpaper Blue Moon Man - Thank you! first love yourself Imagination Dreams
11-16-05 Sad Rosie Groovy Peace n' Love Baby! Woodstock Rocks! That's Hot Sky-Fly Fall & Giving Thanks
Weird Sunflowers MoonMoon Wallpaper Happy Valentine's Day Graphic Web Set Fishing Under a Pink Moon 2-4-07 My body, my self... 6-10-05 Coffee Freak!
Happy Easter Graphic Set 3-26 anime kitty 6-19-05 Marry Me Baby! My Groovy Bag Brown Cloud Princess Crafty-ish 9-14-05 Even Angels Get the Blues
Christmas Patterns Santa Claus is Coming to Town! 12-6 Christmas Living More Jpe Chiodo Art! 12-6 Blah Winter Deer I love you Mumsy!
Bug Dreams Shoe Shopping! Painted Black Beautiful Angel *new* from Kittykitty Peace retro! plain jane
blahblah snowy and warm flannel pjs FallDreams 2-23-07 God Loves You thoughts dissected interrupted... groovy again!
Circus Kitty 12-26 Biker set exposed Fall-ish Bubbye for now Dark, Goth-ish Pink Retro Kitty
XmasTown Hope n Pray 2-04-07 Happy Valentine's Day! just april ooo baby baby! self-help
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