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Another suggestion that a handful of you requested was anything “baby” (you can view an archive of my mailing list emails if you so desire). Lots of mommies are visitors around here! That’s cool, I’ve kind of thought about creating a baby set for awhile. Unfortunately, this is all girlie (and quite bright!), so I apologize to the baby boy mommies... guess I’m a little partial to girly-girls. This is my baby girl, Jenni-purrrr. awww....
le' fleur
So. Lot’s o’ pieces and parts concerning the fonts that I used in here. The text font that I used is a script font that I found on a scrapbooking blog (now I can’t remember the site, sorry). It’s called “Milk & Cereal” which you can download here.
I heart my baby girl
The the little assorted dingbats I used are DingetjesOne & Two, which I bought from MyFonts. They may be a little pricier, but you get tons of dingbats, all very cool. Another dingbat font that I used is “Tot Spots” from Linotype, which, if you recall, are always pretty inexpensive - $21 bucks for all of their fonts (each).
As I also mentioned on my “Once Upon a Font” site, I color my dingbats so they look a little more like graphics rather than a plain, one color dingbat, ya know?
And I think that’s about it! You can download the set below, and if you need the set for a MAC, just let me know and I can Stuff it for you, k?
le' fleur
Hey, give that little baby girl a big hug for me, and I’ll c’yall next time. xoxo, ~Baby Kitty

OH, speaking of - did you see the real KittyKitty baby girl? I added that pic when I was putting the site back together. The dolls that are grouped around me were Hummel dolls that my dad bought in Germany when he was there with the Air Force. Can you imagine how valuable those dolls would be if I still had them?? woo. Too bad I don’t!
Baby Mobile Fun
OK, I’m outta here - later guys! (By the way, this “black” color is not Black - the hex code is #002113) OH, and one more thing! (I keep thinking of more stuff that may be helpful). See those cirlces below? The “line?” That’s a dingbat from a very popular, extensive site about typefaces - “On Snot and Fonts” (that’s the main page), but then Jeff himself created a TON of interesting dingbats/glyphs, which you can download here.
Girlie Ribbon

Ok, ok, I’m really done now. Bubbyeeeeeeeeee


Download the set - KittyKitty Baby

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