Go ahead, fall down my little angel

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Hi everyone! Long time no see. To tell you the truth, I needed a break. So what better way than to create something for y’all, right?

Sorry that I don’t have time to chat ‘cos I took too long messing around with this and I must go to bed shortly (I know, you’ve heard this before). I also didn’t make any buttons to go with this set. I figured that a lot of people are just using text, no?
ANyway, the font used on the images is Enchanted Prairie Dog from Dafont. In fact, there’s a handful of good fonts on that page - free to download of course.
So. The set is all zipppped up for you below. I’ve included a couple of different background - I couldn’t decide which one to show you here... decisions decisions... one of them includes the 2 angels together
Yikes, hubby is making me go to bed... well, ok, he’s not MAKING me, but has reminded me that 4:30 a.m. will be here pretty quick (yes, it’s my saving lives weekend).
Don’t forget to turn your clicks ahead (can you believe it’s time to do that already??), and I’ll c’yall next time, k?  xoxo, ~Kitty

Kitty did it - FullMoon Graphics


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