Baby I was born this way - *smooch*

Hey guys! What’s happening? As usual I took a long time to finish this set so now I’m getting sle-e-e-py. I think this one turned out so bright because I was trying to counteract the gloomy, dark sky outside today, ya know? The weather tomorrow is supposed to be FABulous so we have a bike ride planned. Nice!
I feel weird right now, like I’m making petty small talk. That’s not my style, you know that, right?

Funny thing, when I was playing around with different graphics n’ stuff, trying to get a feel for what I wanted to create for you guys, there was a definite idea that I kept going back to. But in the meantime, I had already started messing around with these graphics. I enjoy them a lot, but wasn’t really *feelin’ it* to make an entire set with them.
ANYway, I did and they’re here and it’s all marvy, but it’s not perfect. Ha! “perfect” indeed. Gotta stop that mentality chica!

Ok, let me start plopping some of the graphics on the page. I’ve included a few extras in the download - couldn’t decide what I wanted to use (surprise surprise). Obviously, or not so, the subject of this set is being happy with what you’re born with, la GaGa (do you like her?). Like her or not the message is a strong one and of course nothing new. Basically, love whatcha got ‘cos that’s it.
... there’s a bio thing about Patrick Dempsey on tv right now. Dang he’s hot...

Ok, enough for now. What can I tell you. The font is called “Pirates and Robbers” and it’s not a freebie, sorry. I know that I’ve mentioned it before, but I don’t always get to use fonts that I enjoy and I do try to use freebies for you. Next time.

Download the set here kiddies.

Alritey, better get to bed. You guys BBQ’ing or anything tomorrow? Hey, have a safe Memorial Day ~ Remember and be grateful for the amazing sacrifices of those who have made the ultimate sacrifice so we could enjoy our freedom and liberty in America. xoxo, ~Kitty

yahooooo, I is cooooool
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