Silent Lucidity
A rose is a rose is a rose
baby rosita

Hi guys. I originally started this set before Mother’s Day and then never did anything with it. But I really like the mood of the young girl image and thought it would make a loverly set, yes?
Not a lot of pieces to it, the main focus being the background. The background is in CSS set to left and top justified with no repeating. You can look at the code for the page if you want... then again, you can always read Lissa’s CSS tuts.
For the font used on the buttons, I could have sworn that “Broken Vows” (which is the font), was a freebie. Well, I was thinking of Eduardo Recife’s “Broken 15” which is indeed, a freebie... then the title font is his “Mosh” typeface. Ya, a little more $$, but you get 4 styles - one of which I used to make that swirly-ish line down there. I love Eduardo’s fonts, but I probably told you that already. (lots of cool fonts for free to download on his site!)
So that’s the scoop. I hope you like it - I love the colors on the girl, don’t you?. Alrighty, I’m outta here. Keep your head out of the clouds, and I’ll catch ya later. xoxo, ~Kitty

A rose by any other name...

Download the set all zippidity doo-dahed up for you;

Brown Cloud Bummer
FullMoon Graphics - Kitty Did it!
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