Happy Happy!

Hey! Here we are again - nice to see you.

On my FB page I asked you guys if it was too late for a Thanksgiving-ish set... personally I think it is, but maybe that’s because we’re celebrating the day this Sunday, the 21st. Not all of the fam will be in town next week so we just rearranged things. What the heck was THAT? Did you guys hear that?? There was just a grinding noise, like something was off the track. I muted the t.v. to try and hear it again and I have a feeling it was psycho dog Lucy Girl snoring in her chair, although I really didn’t hear it again. There’s nothing else to explain the noise. weird.
ANYway... the set tonite - it’s more Christmas-y & winter-like. I think I’m in a rut though. Seem to be stuck on the same ol’ layout... patterned background with the content in the middle like this and a header. Sorry about that.

What you may notice is a sparkle here n’ there on the colored background. See it? Just for something a little different. You can actually add it over any color if you like.

I also added a version of the title/header with a solid background as opposed to transparent, just in case you want to use it as a header on your blog, such as blogspot.

The font that I used is Jinky, downloaded from Font Squirrel, created by Rotodesign (ever been to his site? he’s been around forever).

I’m tired. Thanks for asking.   :)

Ya, think this is it for now. Download the goodies here kids. Gotta go. HEY! Have a great Thanksgiving if you celebrate the occasion, k? xoxo, ~Kitty


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