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Hi all! I was going to chit-chat for awhile, but I messed around too long with this set, now I must go to bed - saving lives in a few hours.
Sooo, I’ll get right down to it. I used about, mmm, 3 different fonts. The display fonts that I used are “3d” (on the chic over there -->) and the big one in the title is “Canvas”... whoops, I also used Cut” for the home button and the email button. All 3 are from Turtle Arts over at MyFonts. Very cool, aren’t they?
Then the font used on the navigation buttons is “Pavement” which is a freebie. None of the other fonts that I used looked good at that size.
Another thing that I should mention. A few of the phrases that I used here are from “The Simple Life” - you know, with Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie. Just thought I’d tell you in case anyone freaks out about that guy over there saying “bye bitches” (Nicole always says that, ok?). Anyway... that’s the poop, and you can download the whole shabam below, alrighty?
Take care, arivadechi, al vedesen... c’yall next time, k?  xoxo ~Kitty


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