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Heya. Happy Valentine’s Day! That’s what this set started out to be, but it could really be used for anything, right? I actually worked on it last weekend but it got too late for me to say anything about it, and now I don’t feel like it. I just want to get it out there for you.
black heart
Ya, having a hard time motivating myself today. Mainly because I want to do some client work to catch up with some things, but it’s not *flowing*, ya know? Oh well, it is what it is.
black heart
Soooo, let’s see... the font is one I’ve used before, CAC Pinafore, and you can download it over on DaFont. The font used in the navigation buttons is Kingthings Organica, and you can grab that one at DaFont also.
black heart
Anything else? OH, I couldn’t decide on the background, so there’s another one in the zip, it’s stripey - see --->
other background
Ok, gotta go! Have a lovely V-day... I need to make something for hubby. He already gave me a huge amount of flowers, roses & carnations. awwww... ain’t love sweet?  ;) xoxo, ~Kitty

Download the whole kitty-kaboodle zipped up here.

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