Everyone is a star, and has a dark side which he never shows to anybody
Few are those who see with their own eyes and feel with their own hearts

(pssst - there are 14 buttons all together, I just don’t feel like putting them all up here right now)


Hello my friends! So what’s new with all of you? Still around? If you’ve been with me for awhile, you know how often I’ve said something like “well, gotta get to bed ‘cos I have to save lives in the a.m.”, or, “I’m sleepy ‘cos I saved lives” or even some of the stories that I’ve shared with you. Well, I took the big leap and quit the hospital - no more saving lives for this Kitty any longer. It’s all about the business now. Something had to give, ya know? So there ya go.
Anyway. Don’t you just love that moon guy over there to the left? I do. He’s a wise, friendly old moon. I would have been happy just to place him on this page by himself, but I figured you’d want a little bit more, hmm?
So the background in this set is just the top border, and this color (#695352). I just kind of slapped the graphics randomly around the page. Hey, know what else? NetObjects just came out with version 11, but better yet, they now have some freebie stuff for you to download - woohoo!
So go try it out! (did I tell you this already?)
What else? Oh, the font that I used on the buttons etc, is from FontGarden – it’s called Charyn. One thing, her free site is pretty full of ads, but, I guess if you want the freebie, you have to deal with it. BUT, her fonts at MyFonts are really inexpensive ($4 - 5) if you want the pleasure of browsing without annoyance.
I think that’s about it for now. As usual, you can download the set zipped up below. It was nice to see you - take it easy... OH, and if you’re a NY Jets fan, Congratulations! You now have one of the best quarterbacks of all time - you just got Brett Favre! But that’s another story. :(
OK, before I start crying again (just kidding!!), c’yall later, xoxo ~Kitty

to be a star..

Download the set here (pc only)

FullMoon Graphics - Kitty Did It!
moon face
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