Juicy baby!

Hey! How the heck are ya? Long time and all that...

What’s new? For me, BIG big news. My daughter got married last week. Yes, my baby girl is a missus. Beautiful wonderful wedding—it was picture perfect! Wanna see a few photos? I love her. And Brian. Brian is awesome. The perfect man to take care of and protect my little girl. Couldn’t ask for more.


Know what else? My very own handbag reminds me quite a bit of the flowery one in this set - See? Isn’t it cool? (mouseover for both sides of bag)

Only thing, I really need to have it cleaned, but between the different colors of suede & leather, I’m a bit hesitant to take it just anywhere. There’s an excellent leather-lady (for lack of a better word) in town that I think I’ll go to and ask her advice... yup, must do!

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I took a small vacation of sorts... finished most of my current client sites so I could devote all of my time to Jennie as well as be free to see her & Brian off to their new home in a new state. Yes, they moved to Indiana. Mishawaka to be exact. It was necessary for Brian’s new job... sad for me but O-so-excellent for them. Besides, it’s only about 200 miles away, so it’s not to the other end of the world, right?


ANYway, what’s up with you guys? Can you believe it’s August 1st already?? geesh...

You know I haven’t been around here for-EVer it seems, and I feel very rusty!! To tell you the truth, I’m not quite sure what the heck this set is supposed to be. Big pieces! and rather odd to distribute around a page. As it turns out, I made the chicky-poo up there the background of the page using CSS. I tried a few different ways to lay it out, but this seems to be all I could do right now. Kinda weird, I know.

Do you remember how to set the background image properties using CSS? Of course I defer to Lissa for some very simple explanations, but one of the best & complete site with tutorials & examples is still W3schools (lissa still advertises a bit too much for my liking).

Noooo, can’t say that I’m too excited about this set, but maybe you’ll be able to use something out of it, yes?

The font used for the buttons is Creampuff which you can download for free on Abstract Fonts.

Alrighty then, I guess that’s it. I still would like to put up a “grab bag” page with all of the odds n’ ends graphics that I never put together in a set... hmm. It’s raining out today, it’s still my little vay-cay this weekend... maybe I will! Wouldn’t that be fun?

Be good people, and I’ll c’ya later, xoxo, ~Kitty

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Download the set, zippety-doo-dah’d up right here kids. Enjoy! Hey, why don’t you let me know if you come up with something clever with these graphics, k? Leave me a comment over on my blog. OR, you can be a FMG fan over on Facebook too and linky-lu to your page, no?

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