Peace and Love baby

Hi guys. What prompted me to create this set for you, is that I’ve updated my old CafePress shop. Do any of you remember when I had a lot of my FMG graphics on t-shirts and mugs etc? I love my mug from that series!

Well, instead of letting it just sit there, I decided to create some more groovy items for purchase. To tell you the truth, I wanted a new Ink2Art sweatshirt for myself. I don’t really have one with the newer design, just from the last one. I wear that one ALL of the time - seriously.
So. The header from this set is actually the design that I used on a few items. Probably the coolest thing that turned out really well, is the mousepad. I think I’ll get one for myself too. I bought a bunch of stuff for my family a couple of Christmases ago, although some of them were strictly personal, which you can do, and just not have it show up in your shop for others.

NOW. About this set. I know that the header is rather large in size (kbs), but it just makes the whole thing, ya know? There aren’t a lot of other graphics other than the buttons. The font used for them is a House Industries font ($$), but if you want, there are quite a few similar fonts all over the web. Take a look through these - many are very similar.
I’ve also layed out the set in CSS format - with the background and the text area here. Remember, if you’re not sure how to do that, check out a few of the CSS tutorial sites that I have listed over here.

Anyway, you can download the entire set here, all zipped up for you.

Wanna see the stuff that I’ve created in my little store? Here’s just a small sampling of the goodies. It’s not too early to start thinking of Holdiay gifts ya know....

Ok, I’m outta here.
Going to take a kitty nap - feeling a little sore throat-ish.
Take care all, Peace n’ Love to you too!  xoxo, ~Kitty

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Little twinkle star graphic was made with Cari’s pixel brushes. She has some really cool PS brushes!
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