Happy New Year!
This is the year that I...
I resolve to follow through with my resolutions..,
Do you make New Year's resolutions? And do you follow through?

Hi guys! Happy New Year! So who makes “New Year’s Resolutions?” I don’t know that I ever specifically vowed to make changes on January 1st, but there is an element of motivation if you do, don’t you think? My thoughts are that if it helps you mentally to set a start date to increase your exercise days to 5 times a week, great! Whatever works, right? If anything, the thought that you put into making a list to begin with shows that you’re aware of something in your life that you’d like to improve. We shouldn’t need a special day to start making those changes.
Anyway... one item that I didn’t add to my list above was “be more decisive.” Good grief! I think I’m getting worse as I get older. Seriously. I waste more time trying to make a solid decision. Like this set - good example. If you visited my FB page, you probably read that I was making a new set - yippee... but then a couple of days passed and I still hadn’t published anything. Of course not - I was trying to decide what the heck I was going to do since I changed my mind a kazillion times!!

Grab a cup - this might take awhile.Hey, got a minute? Pour a cuppa coffee and I’ll tell you a little story and what I go through when I create something for you, k? (Hi Tina!)

Usually I have a vague idea of what I want to do. Most times I am inspired by something that’s going on in my real life, or the feelings and emotions that either go along with that event, or just how I’m feeling in general.

I have so many graphics & illustrations from years of working in this field. CDs that I’ve acquired for designing client websites... lots. In fact, that’s why I had that CD giveaway about a year ago, remember? I did it through my FMG FB page, and had a little drawing that I put on YouTube. Let’s see if I can find it - hang on. Here it is... ha! Had help from my hubby.


Sorry, off on a tangent again. Where was I... graphics. Ok, anyway. Once I feel good about what I plan to do (that in itself is what can take awhile), I begin. The things that can take awhile to do... find the right font and preferably a freebie that you guys can use. Quotes if I plan on using any to go along with the “theme” of my set.
Maybe the set could use a few brush effects... ok, gotta look at my brushes, what would go well? Yikes, now I have to go through tons of brushes that I’ve downloaded because of course, I’m thinking of one in particular but don’t remember what folder it’s in. Which reminds me - I want to tell you about a brush viewer that makes viewing all of your brushes very easy. I’ll stick it over there on the sidebar over there...

When I’m putting the graphics together, if I have to knock the background out of an image (being the fussy perfectionist that I am), that can take quite awhile. To summarize, because I could blab on and on about this, making a graphic set can be a long process. I do it because I like to. It’s relaxing to me. Playing around with colors and fonts and illustrations that I may never get to use otherwise. No pressure, just fun. Of course if the weekend is coming to an end, I feel pressured to finish because my rule is that I don’t do personal stuff during the week. No FMG goodies. Business comes first, ya know?
Ok then, a little bit about this set... think I’ll go over to the side - this is getting too long over here....

Nothing happens until I make it happen!
I can change ANY time of the year...

About this set. The font in the title is “Little Days Alt” which you can download here. I used a couple of random brushes... actually not as many as I thought I would, but you should check out the downloads that Cesstrelle has at HG Designs. Some pretty cool stuff.
I also added a little floating thingie script to the page just for kicks. Kind of outdated. I can still see it on Firefox, but not on IE.
What else? I guess that’s it. OH, the brush viewer. Actually you can use it to view any of your Photoshop presets. Pretty awesome! Their site is Tumasoft.com and you can see more info here. I have the older version.
Okee doke, that’s about it. Chatty tonite. No wonder it takes me so long.  :)

Download the set

Remember, you can work on improving yourself any time of the year. Just gotta-wanna bad enough. xoxo ~Kitty

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In case you were wondering (and I know some of you will be), the random fonts that I used throughout the page are as follows:
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As long as we’re on the subject of making changes - kinda sorta - I’d like to share a couple of awesome websites that talk about change, loving yourself, feeling motivated and that are generally inspiring to me. Enjoy!
Medicinal Marzipan
One With Now

and a couple of New Year specific posts from 2 blogs I enjoy reading:
1st WebDesigner

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