Eat to Live
Do I look fat in this?
My body my self

Hi everybody. Happy Winter! Watching the Super Bowl? I’ve got it on in the background - I reeally would like to see the Bears lose. Hey, they’re our arch rivals ya know.
So what’s happening? I created this set primarily because I seem to be struggling a bit with my eating lately.

Having gone through the gamut of weight loss ups and downs, as well as a time period when I was anorexic, then bulimic, I am still very much aware of my body, and how I struggle with body image issues even now - years later.
I know that it’s still a major issue for many people, and I don’t know that it will ever disappear from society all together.

Why is it so difficult to like ourselves just the way we are, no matter what that may be? No matter what size.
Amazingly enough, people still like me whether I have 20 extra pounds on my body or not. It’s just all what *I* think of myself, ya know?

forget the past
change is power
make the most of yourself

So ya... it’s a major issue, and definitely one that I still struggle with.

I could probably talk a lot more about this subject, but let’s talk about the set, k?

Not much to say other than the graphics are a little large, but if you use them on a few pages they should look ok. I kind of mixed up too many different fonts, but I tried to exclusively use freebie downloadable fonts for you.
The font used in the title is Pharmacy, which you can download here. The script is Selfish, which you can download from that same site. Then finally, the little font on a couple of the graphics, is Sharon’s Hand, which you can download here.

love me

OH, and as a little extra thingie, I made a “favicon” for your site. You know, that little graphic up next to your URL in the menu bar? like this >
favicon example

So you’ll see that in the download as well. For more detailed explanation about adding one to your page, go over to this site, where you can also make more icons too. Very cool little dealio.
Ok, I think that’s about it for tonite. Hope you enjoy this set, and remember - when you love yourself unconditionally, you’ll want to be good to your body. It’s a vicious cycle, I know, but if you don’t do it, nobody else can do it for you.

Take care guys, be good to you! xoxo, ~Kitty

mirror mirror
everything is different
write me - we'll talk

Download the entire set n’ stuff (pc only)

OH, I almost forgot - I also made a couple of Photoshop brushes to match the set. Groovy, huh? They’re made for PS CS2, and I included them in the download too. See?


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