Happy Holidays you guys! Is everyone ready? I have to go shopping tomorrow and here it is 4:00 in the morning! yikes. But I did just put up the tree today. I think everyone will agree that Christmas just keeps starting earlier and earlier as the years go by, ya think? hmm...

ok, a few little things about this weeks set. The falling "snow" is transparent, so you could conceivably use it on a different colored background, with the snow as the image background. (it looks kind of cool on a pink background!) umm, what else was I going to say... oh, I can't remember, but I think I'd better get a little sleep, or I may be buying weird things for my family tomorrow!

I do wish all of you the very, very best Holiday Gathering this year. I know there are some of you that don't celebrate Christmas, and for some of you it is not a joyous occasion. I think that sometimes it is our expectations of how Christmas is *supposed* to be that can be kind of depressing. At least that's what I have experienced at one time or another. Just go with the flow.

But whatever you do, be safe, and take care of yourself, k?

As always, xoxo, ~Kitty

Font used is "Very Merry" from FontHead

Download for PC  zip. file

Download for mac sit. file

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