G'morning everyone! Well, it's *my* morning, even tho it's already 4:30 p.m. Seems as tho it takes me a little bit longer each time to recover from a busy 12 hr hospital weekend. hmm... can you say "getting older?"

Anyway, the set this week was inspired by Ginette. Ginette has set up a wonderful place for people "who have been been and/or are still battling with eating disorders and weight issues and can expect to find support, understanding as well as information on related subjects." She is using my set "Love You" for her site, and just wanted to let me know. Sooo, that kind of inspired me to create something kind of related to "self-help" issues. No stranger to these topics myself, this set was a pleasure to create!

Wow! Know what? I just went to the "Love You" set that I referred to above, and it was exactly 1 year ago that I created that set! You know how I know that? Because it's our anniversary tomorrow, and it was our anniversary for that set too! Isn't that weird? (well, it is to me anyway)  yup, 25 big ones tomorrow! awwww, ain't that swe-e-e-t??

Alritey then, kind of chatty here tonite (see what sleep does to me?) OH - what I also wanted to mention, the title for this set is "Each Day a New Beginning." That is also the name of a daily affirmation book which is pretty popular for those of us that are into that sort of thing. So I decided to give you a few links to places that may be helpful for your own journey into "self-help." Even if you've never experienced anything *icky* - some of these daily affirmation books are appropriate for anyone who needs an extra boost of confidence or encouragement in their daily lives. And just a little aside, I have no connection to any of the links that I'm providing, just happened to like them myself and wanted to share, k?

ok, I'm outta here! y'all be good, be careful, and put a little positive affirmation in your life today! xoxo, ~Kitty

Where you can buy some of these books

Daily Meditations quotes from all sorts of recovery books

Nice site for women  openwindow

One of the 1st eating disorder sites that I came across was this wonderful site - "Something Fishy" (it's huge!)

Hey! Guess what else? You guys know that I use "NetObjects Fusion" to create my website, yes? Well, it is now on sale for $49.00!! (it's $99.00 with a $50.00 rebate) NetObjects v5.0 is usually $299.00, so this is a really cool deal if you ask me. :)

Font used on this set is "Wellsley

check out Ginette's Forum

Included in the download, are 3 different backgrounds - this one, a little bit larger version of this one, and just the simple color version (if you don't like the border on top - or want to use the plain one for your inside pages) Also, keep in mind, the bordered backgrounds eventually repeat themselves, so don't make your pages that long! ;)

Download the zip file (pc)

Download the sit file (mac)

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