Hi guys! Playing around today a little bit and decided to make a set out of it.
As I started creating more images, a theme was sort of developing (cos that's how it usually works... just kind of happens) and what you see is the result.
The text/quotes that I used with the images are from the movie "Girl Interrupted." In case you haven't seen it, it's about a young woman's stay in a mental hospital... it was entertaining, although not necessarily realistic.
I had my share of problems growing up, and I know about everything that I've quoted here. Hey, I'm a flower-child, an ex-messed up hippie! But in all seriousness, I have made mistakes along the way. And I just want anyone who is going through stuff now to know, that it does get better. I don't know if some of the old thoughts ever totally disappear - they are certainly not forgotten - but it does get better!
A fellow "blogger" made a little button to draw attention to the subject of suicide, and how it's a "permanent solution to a temporary problem." (see my button below) I thank God every day that I didn't succeed the times that I attempted to kill myself. I think now how awful it would have been for my family, my friends, and everyone who loves me if I was not around anymore. It's mind boggling.                        :::continued:::

I didn't mean to go off on this tangent, but I just want you to know that we all go through a little mental anguish many times in our life... heck, many times a month! That's what life is all about!
I just think it gets easier to handle if you know what to expect and try to talk about it and just "go with the flow" knowing that it will pass, ya know?

ANYway, back to the set. Everything is zipped up for you, and I even included a blank button in a Photoshop layered file. Might be easier to create you own buttons, no?
The font that I used is a Courier font. You would NOT believe how long I tried to find a font that I liked for this set - as well as one that was a freebie. I found a great site for "typewritten" fonts, and the closest that I could come to a plain "Courier" font was the "American Typewriter" one. Give it a whirl!
Let's see, did I forget anything? OH! I did want to mention a special person. Someone wrote to me about Janice. Janice has a brian tumor, and her friends have created a page for her. Why don't you pay her a visit? Sometimes visiting other people helps to get us out of our own funk, ya know?
Ok guys, I'm outta here! Take care of yourself, be good to others, and "remember me when you shave your legs!" xoxo, ~Kitty

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Download the set zipped (pc)

Download the set stuffed (macs)

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