hey guys... whatzup? oh poop... here I was waiting to watch "The Practice" and I see it's a rerun. how dumb. The new season just started.

ANYway, good Sunday today - Packers won - yay! (you know how I love Football Sundays) (for real). Jennie's been coming over regularly, mom sometimes (if she's not too tired from her Humane Society gig), and we have a nice lunch of some sort and watch the game. We catch up on stuff, Jen does her wash, then everyone gets sleepy after the game and takes a nap. Perfect!

About this week's set. Some of you may recognize bits and pieces from 24-7cool, like the tape and slide images. Isn't that cool? The effects that is. Wanna know how I did that? Those effects were done with a new program from AutoFX, called "DreamSuite." There are many different effects, all of which I haven't even played with yet. (kind of hung up on the metal, tape and slide stuff!) It can be used by itself, or as a plug-in for Photoshop, PSP, and a couple of others I believe. You can download a demo to try it out, and see for yourself!

The font used on the buttons is called "Nail Scratch," and altho it doesn't seem as tho the creator has a site anymore, you can download it here. As usual, you can download the entire set below via a zip or sit file. Whatz that? Read this.

Alritey then, that about covers it for tonite. OH! Know what else? Did I tell you I'm a "Powagirrrl?" Yes ma'am, over at NetDiver, girly-girl designer links in the "Powagirrrl" section. That would be yours truly! When you have time, you really should go browse over there (if you haven't already) eXcellent collection of cool sites n' stuff. Good inspiration source!

ok, gotta go. My feet are frozen. Have a wunnerful week. Be nice, be careful out there, and I'll see ya next time, k?  xoxo, ~Kitty

Download the zip file (pc)

Download the sit file (mac)

(there are a few extra images included in the download)

This background will repeat itself after about 2000 pixels or so.


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