Hi all... random set for you. Since I had to put on a sweatshirt today, and it's gloomy and icky, kind of got me in a "fall-ish" mood. So here we are!
ACTually, it really started over here in ze' Kitty Galleria. I'm kind of 'blah' today, and it's my long weekend at the hospital tomorrow, so I just started creating something. Besides, I needed to pass the time while I'm waiting for client feedback and such.
Then, I thought... oh blahblahblah... nevermind. I'm here. You're here. That's all that really matters anyway, right? Dang, I hate these moods.
Ok, here's the deal about the set. Everything is all zipped up for you, the font used on the buttons is "Nail Scratch" - I've used it before, and I think I have all of those fonts on the page - coolio. Let's see, what else? OH! the falling leaves thingie. Again, I've used this script before, from Dynamic Drive. Follow the instructions for putting it on your page - it really isn't that hard. (honest)
I think that's it for now my friends... I must begin preparing din-din for my men. yup, it's a "Tuna Helper" night. Let's here it for the tuna!
Alrighty then, be good, let someone go ahead of you in the grocery store, and we'll talk later, k?   xoxo, ~Kitty

[sorry about that - the darn thing isn't working right, and I really need to cook!]


Download zip file (pcs)

Download sit file (macs)

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