I couldn't decide what to make, but I felt like doing a couple more Christmas things, so here ya go!

The first one, "Christmas Stripes," uses the font FFF Forward, which you can pick up over at Fonts for Flash.

The Blue Christmas set, uses the font Silvermoon, which you can grab over at Incredicreations, but I'll be darned if I can find that lovely ladie's name. Be prepared to download some excellent fonts - woo-hoo, jackpot! ;)

Then, I also made a few different backgrounds, so you too can have a hard time trying to decide which one to use! ha.

All 3 are zipped up separately, k?
Ideally, you should use the patterned backgrounds on the page, but put your content inside a "container" of some sort - like a table with the colors that I've chosen. The graphics that you see inside the table, have a transparent background, BUT, there's the remnants of that color around the edges so they won't look good on other backgrounds, know what I mean?

Ok then, I must hurry 'cos the Packers come on in 15 minutes, and I need to watch them kick Chicago's butt! (I hope)

So behave yourselves, be careful out there shopping (it's so incredibly busy already, isn't it??) and have a glorious Holiday everyone!
xoxo, ~Kitty


Christmas Stripes
Download for PC (zipped)
Download for MAC (stuffed)


4 different backgrounds
Download for PC (zipped)
Download for MAC (stuffed)


Blue Christmas
Download for PC (zipped)
Download for MAC (stuffed)

(This sample is a little smaller than the real thing)




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