Hi guys. Just a simple one tonite. I'm bummed 'cos the Packers got creamed today! pooh. I'm also feeling a little blah 'cos I messed up a nerve in my arm which is affecting the use of my left hand. I'll probably have to do a little physical therapy, and it may get better in time, but it sure is a pain in the butt.
Now, I know there are many more things that could be worse, and since one of the places I save lives in is a spinal cord injury unit, I know there are a lot of worse injuries that affect people. And I have a renewed awareness of the work that goes into the rehab for messed up body parts - and an even greater admiration for the patients that work with such determination and strength to get better. My heart goes out to any of you that are on that road, and hats off to you for your hard work!
So. That's the scoop. And the impetus for this kind of bummer set... but sometimes ya just have to get it all out, and a picture is worth a thousand words, right? Especially when you can't find the right words to express yourself.
About this set - the font used is a nifty font that I got free for registering over at a new stock image site that I just discovered - Stock Bucket - not your mama's ordinary image site! The prices are reasonable (if you use them a lot like I do for client work), and they have a nice variety that you don't see everywhere else. Very cool indeed. So go register to get the font (Tony's Trees) that I've used in this set.
Again, I've used CSS to decorate the page - resources on 'how to' are over here. And if you're looking for a *happier* set - hey, you got it! woowoo - my holiday prezzie to you this month.
'hokay then, I must get to bed (I feel better now). c'yall later!
xoxo, ~Kitty

download the set zipped (pc)
download the set stuffed (mac)

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