Hi guys! Now that the holidays are over (well, just about), I thought I'd make a little winter set... cold nights with warm, fuzzy flannel pj's, all tucked in safely and snuggly at home - what could be better than that?
I hope everyone had a wonderful "____" (insert holiday of your choice)... you know, I hate to chit-chat and run, but since it's almost 4 a.m., I really need to hurry and get this up and get my butt to bed!
So. About this set. Again, I'm using CSS - you know the drill - if you need help with setting up a layout like this, run over to Lissa's and she'll show you how, k?
The font used is "Eraser Dust" which you can download here. There's a couple more buttons that I didn't put up here, but are in the download... what else... I think that's it for now.
Hey, have a good New Years - be careful out there if you're going out to celebrate - or, you can stay home, all comfy in your flannels, and see the New Year in with someone you love... right? That's right where *I'll* be! Until next year, xoxo ~Kitty
p.s. you know, I just couldn't resist putting a few snowflakes in here - you can put the code in your page too, just go to this page and follow the directions. I've included my "snow.gif" in the download, k?

download the set zipped (pc)
download the set stuffed (mac)




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