Seat at the Counter by Joe Chiodo

Hi all - another set that's gone unfinished for awhile. This is also the beautiful artwork of Joe Chiodo, who gave me his permission to use some of his work in this set (coolio,  hmm?).

There's not much to the set itself, but maybe that's what suits your needs, right?

Short and sweet, but I gotta run... font used is "Dali" which you can download for free over here, (I love Salvador Dali). And the pretty  flowery drawings are from the "Fleurons of Hope" - a dingbat from a bunch of different designers - who wish to to help victims of the Tsunami. donated 100% of the sale to help them.

Anyhoo - download the set below, and get to bed! ;)
c'yall next time, xoxo ~Kitty

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* There are extra buttons in the download, and a blank one.

download the set zipped (pc)
download the set stuffed (mac)

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