Hi guys! Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! ugh, I'm still full, but it was a very nice day.

I really do have a lot to be thankful for... the trick is to remember that every time I complain about this or that, ya know? In fact, that's probably the ultimate goal - to remember and act accordingly. Besides, no one wants to hear you complaining all of the time anyway, right?

Anyway... I started to make a Christmas set last week, but never really felt like finishing it. So instead, I'm giving you a gaggle of Santas to do with what you wish. k?

Again, this is constructed with CSS (which allows me to make the groovy lines around this text box area, as well as the custom scroll bars over there.) Don't forget, Lissa explains it well and has the code on her site if you're not sure how to do it.

The font used on the buttons is "Very Merry" from Ethan at fonthead. (you know I think he rocks!) I also got all of the different languages in the background from this informative site about holiday traditions all over the world. cool, hmm?

And of course, you probably noticed the redo around here yet again. :::sigh::: I just didn't like the other one a whole bunch... it didn't all fit together for me.

Ok, think I'll have another cup o' coffee. ya, I'm an addict, what can I say.

Sooo, download the set below, and don't forget to think of at least one thing you're thankful for, at least once a day - not just on Thanksgiving, k?

Take care you guys, and I'll see ya next time.
xoxo, Kitty


download the set zipped (pc)

download the set stuffed (macs)



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