Hi guys. It's been a little while, hmm? I've just been so busy with my biz, that I haven't really taken the time to do anything over here, ya know?
There's something about this set that I'm not happy with, but I can't quite put my finger on it. It's like it needs something more solid... more *oomph* or something. I dunno. I originally had some red, blue & yellow sunflowers to scatter about, but when I came back to it, the colors made me cringe! I'm just not a "primary colors" kind o' gal, so forget that. But I found a bunch of quotes that made me think, so I wanted to use them somewhere... and here they are!
How's everyone been? Looking forward to summer? I am - just have to get through the spring mud stuck in the dog paws. poo.
Alrighty, the font used here (I've used it before) is "Sarcastic GS" & you can pick it up over here. I've zipped everything up for you below, so download & enjoy, k? (all of a sudden I don't feel like talking any longer)

Take care you guys, xoxo, ~Kitty


I actually planned to have these kitties do a little fly-by, but for some reason it didn't work...


There's kind of too many "large" images in this set, so I guess you could use them on different pages or something, yes?


download the set zipped (pc)
download the set stuffed (mac)


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