Hi all. This was a set that I started around Christmas of last year, altho I think it's appropriate at any time of the year, right?
The font used is "meringue" by Blue Vinyl fonts, and the background is a CSS style as well as  graduated to a none textured background (see below for further CSS instructions)
As a little FYI, the dashed swirly thingies, I created in Adobe Illustrator - very easy to do - try it sometime.
Ack, I'm whipped out from the long weekend, so am cutting this short. Besides, I have a brighter set waiting to be finished as well, k?
You guys have a great week, and don't forget our fellow human beings that have been devastated by the hurricane Katrina tragedy.
Keep the faith my friends, xoxo ~Kitty

bthisangel angbhappy angbwrite blookup angbsad
angblinks angbgallery angbwithlove angbreads

download set zipped (pcs)
download set stuffed (macs)

Someone wrote to me wondering where the background was for this set. It's done in CSS, and I'm providing the code for you that you can copy and paste into your web page.
Download the code here

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