Hi everyone! You wouldn't believe how many sets I've been working on in the wee hours, but then I feel guilty for not working on client sites and wind up just going to bed instead! geesh. OR, I'm browsing and buying fonts. I tell ya,  I've been obsessed (more than usual!) lately.
I think when I discovered that Stuart Sandler now has his typefaces on MyFonts.com (Breaking the Norm), I've been diggin' each and every one of 'em - and they're ALL only $12.99. Stuart's the genius behind Font Diner, another fav font site o' mine. They're really very cool & funky - go see! (when you're done here of course)  ;)
Speaking of fonts, did you see this yet? My little "Once Upon a Font" story? I had fun putting it  together.... ANYway, about this set. I LOVElovelove coffee. In fact, awhile back I did a little grouping for the Mirror Project, where you gather a bunch of similar photos on a different subject. I did one about "coffee." Go see. There's another silly foto of me here too (no more site).
Alrighty, movin' on... I have another set to put up for y'all, so c'ya over there, k? xoxo, ~Kitty

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The font used on this set is called "Tree," which is rather spiffy 'cos you get 3 different styles for the price. It's nice to be able to mix it up a  little, while keeping it in the same family, ya know?
By the way, on the buttons over there, I've just made them in the text, but you can add whatever little doo-dad you want in front of it..
There's also a handful of different backgrounds - just for fun.
ok. gotta go!

download the zip file (pc)
download the set stuffed (mac)


mmm, yummy. A couple of my fav Starbucks flavors... Arabian Mocha Sanani, Sulawesi, and they have a new one called "Fortymile" but I think maybe  it was just a special promo 'cos they don't have it any longer. :(

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