Hi everyone! yup, all I could come up with was this fall theme.
Had the usual creativity problems last nite, so I finally just went to bed. You guys are all giving me so many suggestions, it's not so much what to do, but feeling inspired enough to do so, ya know? Anyway...
This was fun creating. You may notice a similar style in my "Each Day..." set. I used some of the same types of images from Gettyworks that I did for that other set. I've included a plain checkered background in case you don't want that border on the top, k?
You know, I had a bunch of stuff to tell you, now I'm too tired. dagnabbit kitty! sometimes I look through older sets, and I sure do complain a lot, or say one version or another of what I just told you . Maybe I'm getting burnt out doing this. ya think? I don't think I can create stuff like I used to - as far as the starry/moony things. I played with a couple of filters (KPT 5 & 6) last nite, and I remembered how much I used to use them. Now I hardly do at all.
Hohum. Mind you, I'm not complaining, really. I just feel that I owe you an explanation. I'm sure most of you who have been visiting awhile have noticed a little bit of a difference, yes? As far as the styles and such of these sets.
Well, regardless, if you have been, and you're still here, guess it's not all that bad... is it? Well, I think I'm due for a kitty-nap. Got up a little earlier than usual. My men were still here. As opposed to gone to the gym already. So I need to refresh a bit.
ok, the set. Font used is "HamburgerHeaven" courtesy of the wondrous Nick Curtis. Great fonts! and mucho downloads - go see! whoa! where did that thunder come from?? didn't know it was supposed to rain? Anyway... umm, ok, as usual, you can download the set zipped or stuffed below - "do what?" you ask? here - read about it.
Ok kids, I'm outta here. Thanks for listening (as usual ;) and in case I don't see you, have a fun Halloween, k? Be safe, xoxo, ~Kitty

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